“No day without a line” (Apelle IIIème before JC.)

This famous maxim has been following Daniele Zekina since her prime youth; she, who each day,was in a company of pencils or crayons, brushes, colours in all their forms, as well as paper and canevases of different textures.
Being a woman of duty, balance of sensitivity, she would force herself each day to this pictorial exercise and seldom distance herself from her interior scenes.

The topics are often linked to mythology, its mysteries and the permanency of its messages

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Studies: Bachelor’s degree in Book Design & Illustration from the Academy of Fine Arts in Sofia, Bulgaria.

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Member of Asssociation des illustrateurs et illustratrices du Québec She has illustrated more than 15 books published in Bulgaria Daniela has illustrated more than 35 books: albums and youth novels published in Québec