LO is a world reference in terms of realism and hyperrealism.


Aesthetics, harmony and tranquility are three fundamental elements that make up the ensemble of LO’s works.

Younger, he dreamed of becoming a cartoonist.  It is only in 1989, when he puts the final touch on his first fresco in Giens, that he really thinks of a career as a painter. He gets to be known first in Europe, where he has a great success with his marines and his hyperrealism.


Born:  Mount St. Martin (France)

Awards :He has been honoured with numerous awards and distinctions during his career.

Named “Academician” by the International Academy of Fine Arts of Quebec  in 2007.

The  same year, he gets his membership at the Figurative Arts Institute (Institut des Arts Figuratifs – IAF).




  • His brilliant professional career resulted in several magazine covers, articles in newspapers, interviews on radio and on TV, etc.
  • Since 1989, he exhibited in numerous international art fairs and international art exhibitions that are among the ten biggest art shows in the world.