Guy Labbé

Guy Labbé

Liberty of movement

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« The tree does not protect itself, it is not careful. He knows that often the best shelters are in the big winds.” (Labbé on 1994)

Frank gesture, an omnipresent light, spontaneous compositions but serve a scholarly vision clear. Facing the table, one rises, reaches a beneficent vertigo. His spirit persists in a celebration of nature. More than ever this bright color emergency heats of all wood and pushes us irresistibly introspection. Labbé’s work speaks directly to the soul.

His style is very original thanks to his explosion of vibrant colors. The liberties of movement in all his creations gather around one concept, the discovery of his own being. Whatever the emotion, Labbé has the talent to make breathe an emotion, in a simple gust of wind or a flower meetings its life’s end.

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Name: Guy Labbé


Location: Quebec/Canada


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