Galin alias Alain Gagné, portraitist painter with many talents.

His route led him to expose to diverse museums and galleries and  to win numerous prizes as well as to become one of the official portrait painters of the Parliament of Canada.

By signed works “Galin”, Alain Gagné presents his art of the drawing which accompanied him all the life.

Such a wealth of respectful authenticity evolved in the sweetness and the well known quality of its work.

Galin offers a whole universe of characters created from his  fruitful imagination.


Born:  Victoriaville


  • Parliament of Canada Portraits of 10 of Prime Ministers of Quebec », Collection’s
  • Among  finalists for the portrait of the queen of England





Calgary, Alberta Amerindian museum Shaputuan, Seven Islands, Quebec Lake St-Jean, Quebec Nice, France

Museum Laurier First prize  Eagle of Nice, France First prize of the Institute of Figurative arts, Museum Laurier