Two angels are dancing the tango.Their steps are impeccable.

The woman’s head is bowed slightly, her eyes half closed and her left leg wrapped around her partner’s hips. The man is looking at her. Powerful and solid, he is holding her up. He is the strength and the dynamism of the sculpture; she is the sensual and ethereal.

All couples have ups and downs of course, but sacred moments, when one person wholly belongs to the other, also exist. At such times, two very different beings live in positive symbiosis, not by feeding off one another, but by invigorating and listening to the other. Nothing can come between them then.

That is how two entities who are, and will remain, very different, become one and can perform a perfect dance: the Tango of Angels!

And we watch, thrilled by the very existence of this perfection.

Treatment: Bronze with black patina (17in/43cm). The wings and hair have a blue tone. The hat is mirror polished and the feathers are covered with a white patina. On the artist’s proofs the hat is plated with Nickel, Silver and 24-carat gold

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