Claude Martin

Claude Martin

Versatile painter; portrait, landscape, still life, abstraction

Claude Martin profil

We ask musicians to renew themselves, writers to reinvent the world and actors to explore all human aspects, but we do a lot of blame to painters who are unrecognizable from one series to the other. To this, mARTin answered laughing: “Multiply all these possibilities by four seasons!”

He celebrates in 2016, thirty years of career, and his acrylics on canvas and his murals travel the world. After more than fifty exhibitions, and as much of works in corporate collections, it never ceases to surprise us. An artist who lives with and for his art.

Her new collection, imprint of surrealism and fantasy entitled “No Gravity” invite us in the pleasure, to play parchesi with our senses, in the most complete weightlessness.

About Me

Born: Québec City Canada


  • Muralist and decorative painter
  • Founder of Fresco workshops
  • Illustrator and graphic designer,
  • Teacher, lecturer, photographer,
  • Multi-instrumentalist and singer…but shy!


His murals travel the world.